Mindsera Featured in The New Yorker

“I found Mindsera to be the more useful model of A.I.-writing tool..” — Kyle Chayka, The New Yorker

We’re happy to announce that Mindsera has been featured in The New Yorker. Journalist Kyle Chayka investigated the evolving landscape of AI-powered writing tools to see if they can replace him (spoiler: they can’t and they shouldn’t).

The article delves into the significance of writing as a tool for thought. Chayka highlights that writing is often intertwined with the process of thinking itself. Quoting the American author Joan Didion, Chayka echoes her sentiment: "I write entirely to find out what I'm thinking."

As writers, we engage in the act of putting words on the page to explore our own thoughts, generate insights, and uncover new perspectives. Writing becomes a medium through which we delve into the depths of our minds, finding clarity and understanding along the way.

While most AI writing tools try to automate the process of writing and thus automating the process of thinking, Mindsera goes against the tide and uses AI to help you to think deeper, find irrational beliefs and cognitive biases in your thinking, as well as provide alternative perspectives to look at things.

“I found Mindsera to be the more useful model of A.I.-writing tool..” — Kyle Chayka, The New Yorker

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Copilot for the Mind

Here's a quick overview of the features that make Mindsera the perfect tool to help you understand yourself, make better decisions, improve your wellbeing, and be more productive.

How I Completely Changed My Mindset and State With Mindsera in Ten Minutes

  1. I had an event I didn’t feel good about, so I wrote it out, my thoughts about it, and how I felt.
  2. Then I made the text active and used the thought analysis to scan for irrational beliefs, cognitive biases and asked about alternative perspectives.
  3. Got such good feedback, immediately felt relieved, and had a more positive frame of the situation.

It felt like I had a conversation with a really good friend. This is the artwork generated based on that journaling entry:

This is just the beginning of building a tool for thought that helps us navigate and thrive in an increasingly uncertain world. So much more to come!

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